“Dynamic Yunnan” – a beautiful ethnic minorities dance show in Kunming – My Yunnan Trip #1

I just came back from a 9 days’ trip to Yunnan.  The first post I would like to share with my readers is this beautiful ethnic minorities dance show in Kunming.  It is  Dynamic Yunnan, a grand, original ethnic dance show produced by the famous Yang Liping, who is a dancer, a choreographer, and producer, of the Bai ethnic minority.  My friends who went with me to this Yunnan trip, all knew about Yang Liping, while I was ignorant of her fame as a performance artist.   I am glad that I had the opportunity to see her show this time.   It is spectacular, educational, and very enjoyable.  If you go to visit Yunnan, I highly recommend you see this show.  We bought tickets of very good seats at $42@) equivalent to the orchestra seats in our concert hall.  There were quite a few non-Chinese tourists among the audience.

In order to respect the performers, I did not take any video at the time of the show, but I took a few pictures before the show began, both inside and outside the performance hall. I am posting them here just to let you taste the flavor of the show.

In all the articles that talked about this show,   there is reference to this fact that Yang Liping spent more than a year looking for original ethnic minorities dancers in different parts of Yunnan.  It is said that 100% of the dancers are of ethnic minorities in Yunnan, who left their own villages to join the troupe. The folk songs and dances are original, and the costumes are real, showing the actual way of life of the minorities. This performance is particularly impressive to me, because it shows the universe, the pursuit of culture and the origins of life.    My friends, like most of the audience, love the “Moon dance” and the “Peacock dance”.  In addition, I like the Tibetan pilgrimage dance.

I hope you will have the chance to see this show if you visit Kunming in future.  If you cannot see too much of the minority cultures in Yunnan,  you will be able to appreciate the genuine minority cultures through this show.

I tried to find a good video from you-tube and had to give up the idea to post any of them, because all those videos were unable to illustrate the beauty of this show.  You need to see it in person, unfortunately (or fortunately)!

On the other hand, I found these two clips showing the talented Yang Liping’s two most famous dances:  Moon-solo dance,  and Spirit of  Peacock.  Enjoy!

Moon – Solo Dance by Yang LiPing

Spirit of Peacock – Yang LiPing


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