This is a follow up of my previous post The Yellow River Civilization and the Yellow River Piano Concerto.

Here I posted three other music videos.  The first one is the performance of the Yellow River Cantata,  composed by Xian Xinghai.

The second is the performance of Lang Lang of the first Movement of the Yellow River Piano Concerto.  The Concerto is arranged by a collaboration between musicians including Yin Chengzong and Chu Wanghua, and based on the Yellow River Cantata by composer Xian XinghaiWikipedia

The third one is the performance of Yundi Li, another world-famous Chinese pianist who is also one of the favorites among the San Francisco Symphony fans here.

I hope you will enjoy some of these.

Few Years ago, I visited the Waterfall Hukou of the Yellow River, but it was before my blogging and video-making time.  I think it is good to post a video to see part of the roaring yellow river, in order to help you appreciate the composition of this wonderful Yellow River Cantata and the arrangement of the Piano Concerto.  I found this one which is quite good. I still remember I sat there before the waterfall with family and friends and were fascinated.